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Land for Investment

Invest in Tanzania Where there's plenty of land!

Do you need land for investment?

100 Acres?

200 Acres?

500 Acres?

1,000 Acres

2,000 Acres?

3,000 Acres?

4,000 Acres?

5,000 Acres?

The land is suitable for agriculture eg Maize farming,sugarcane farming,Avocado,Sisal,cotton farming,Livestocks keeping etc

For Industrial purpose,for building schools,for residential purpose etc

Just call and place your order!

Call/WhatsApp : +255713565999 / +255767565999

Office Address:

Makazi Investment Ltd

Mwanga Tower (Opposite Millenium Tower), 5th Floor

Kijitonyama,Dar es Salaam-Tanzania

For foreign investors,after buying the land,Makazi Investment will help you with the registration in the Tanzania Investment Centre so that you can operate according to Tanzanian laws and regulation and also help to get work permit for the foreign employees who will work with the investor. 

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